Use Cedarhaus as Your Base for All Your Rockhounding Adventures in the Bancroft Area

With almost 90% of earth’s minerals located in Bancroft, it’s fondly known as the ‘mineral capital of Canada.’ Rockhounding enthusiasts can collect, view breathtaking rock formations, explore underground caves, and learn about our extensive mining history. Below is a list of places you can visit to get started on your adventure.

Rockhound Gemboree

Don’t forget about the annual Rockhound Gemboree happening in early August. Celebrate the wonders in Bancroft, Canada’s Mineral Capital! The event brings together over 100 dealers of fine mineral specimens, gemstone jewellery, and lapidary supplies. Fun for all ages: there are exhibits of minerals, crystals, gems and fossils. You can shop for one-of-a-kind jewellery and art pieces or find that perfect addition to your own collection!

Local Rockhounding Spots

Bancroft Mineral Museum

The Bancroft Mineral and Mining Museum is housed in the fully-restored heritage train station. It is owned and operated by the Bancroft Gem and Mineral Club. Stop by and discover the history of the mining in the area, learn about mineral collecting. You can explore over 400 local specimens, all on display in the 1200 square-foot showroom. The museum also has mineral guidebooks for sale.

Bancroft Mineral Museum website

Princes Sodalite Mine

The Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop has been a unique shopping experience to all visiting Bancroft for many years. The mine continues to produce an abundance of Sodalite in all quantities from collector specimens to large garden pieces.

The Rock Farm, a must visit for collectors young and old, has new crops added this season to give collectors new pickings. What’s new …well that’s the fun part, you have to visit to see for yourself.

Princess Sodalite Mine website

Lakeside Gems

Established in 1999, Lakeside Gems is located just outside beautiful Bancroft, Ontario. A destination for mineral collectors worldwide, Bancroft is one of the best places to find Canadian blue sodalite.

As of 2019, Lakeside Gems offers Geologist-led Mineral Collecting Field Trips during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Join one of the scheduled rockhounding field trips, or inquire about private and school outings. This is a great way for families to learn how to collect and how to identify minerals by recognizing their distinguishing characteristics.

Lakeside Gems website

Beryl Pit / Aqua Rose Gems

Enjoy a bit of a drive as you make your way to the Beryl Pit and AquaRose Gems in Quadeville. Get ready to dig in the vast open-pit quarry and to discover unique gems and minerals! To visit, you will need to obtain a permit from Kauffeldt’s General Store in Quadville. Here, you will also receive directions to the site.

CN Rock Pile

The CN Rock Pile is a the perfect place for families, beginners, and all lovers of minerals! The CN Rock pile is made up of materials that were brought in from the Golden-Keene Quarry for the construction of the Town’s railway! Now, anyone is free to collect minerals here to create or expand their collections! 

Directions: The CN Rock Pile is located directly across the road from the Town of Bancroft Municipal Office, on the Hastings Heritage Trail. It will be approximately 200 meters down the trail on your left.

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