Originally we had wanted to build micro cabins to rent out to guests, but were eventually led to purchasing a smaller plot of lake front land (closer to town) and run a B&B. So, with the purchase of 3 acres of undeveloped forest bordering on Vanluven lake, we moved our family 4.5 hours north up to Bancroft. The next two years were spent trying to integrate into a new community, securing trades and then waiting for them to start.

Construction finally started in the spring of 2020.  After foundation and framing were completed, we took over the remainder of the project in December of 2020.  We moved into a trailer (on site) in May of 2021 and commenced work on the guesthouse. Our first guests were received in 2022.

We moved up to Bancroft to get away from ‘big city life’ in 2018, hoping to work and play surrounded by nature and integrate our family into a small rural community. Included in that was the desire to share the beauty of this area and operate a hospitality business. 

Living near the Canada/US border (for the previous 10+ years) meant life was busy and congested. We longed for the wide open spaces, the hills, forests and the lakes. We would drive 4 – 7 hours north to ‘get away’ for holiday time. Returning home afterwards was always bittersweet. Going home is always good but heading back south to the traffic, the asphalt, the smog and the noise was not so good. We love living here now and hope to share our little piece of paradise with you.

Your Hosts

Daryl & Louisa Phillips

Cedarhaus B&B 3 Acres